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35 Inspiring Dry River Bed Landscaping Ideas

When you think of all the things nature can...

35 Inspiring Dry River Bed Landscaping Ideas

When you think of all the things nature can...

35 Inspiring Dry River Bed Landscaping Ideas

When you think of all the things nature can...

35 Most Incredible Water Garden Ideas for Your Yard

Whether it comes from a place of personal choices or as a result of a couple of past experiences, there’s something nice about people wanting to be closer to nature. Even when it seems like nature is so far away, people always look for the best ways to bring it closer to themselves. This explains why nature-themed walkways, gardens, and many of these nature-like elements have grown so popular over the years. It means different things to many people. For some people, it’s a symbol of peace because knowing how much peace nature can bring to them just makes them feel at ease. For others, it’s an expression of their personalities, wealth, or social status. Whatever people’s reasons are for owning water gardens, it is always perfectly depicted by the concept of the water gardens they eventually settle for.

Part of humanity is forming an unquestionable bond with nature. This explains why a lot of people go as far as purchasing a house on the beachside to experience what it feels like to be closer to nature. There are lots of benefits that come with owning a water garden in your space, and top of that list, before anything else, is to provide a relaxing atmosphere. Other benefits include promotion of social well-being, improvement of the environment, and creating a healthy outdoor ecosystem, which is something the world is trying so hard to achieve. As much as owning a water garden comes with several benefits in all aspects, it is quite difficult to come up with creative ideas that’ll help you have that picture-perfect water garden. Coming up with incredible water garden ideas can be tough, but not when you have a list of ideas available to choose from. The good thing about being creative is that you hold the right to be as expressive as you can be without the fear of making mistakes.

We have helped round up the 35 most incredible water garden ideas so you won’t ever run out of inspirations when you’re trying to develop a new water garden or improve the existing ones.

1. Contemporary Flagstone Bridge with Crimson Foliage

If you want to add a little more excitement to your garden, you should try this contemporary flagstone bridge with crimson foliage and lots of accompanying plants that will make your garden a lovely sight to behold. Although there are no barriers on this smooth, gorgeous footbridge, the small pool beneath it isn’t particularly deep, just in case. Lavender, willows, and other water-tolerant plants line the stony walls of the pool, which is completely clear and allows you to see all the way to the pond’s flagstone bottom. The calmness resulting from the combination of all these elements will leave you bemused.

2. Tiny Watering Hole

Even if you have a small dedicated space for your water garden, you can still make the best out of it. In-ground water gardens are ideal for small dedicated spaces. You can surround the pond with rocks and plants. A lot of people think this concept is basic but what makes it amazing is how it manages to display so much beauty despite its small size.

3. Round Pond with Glass Globe

When surrounded by foliage, a round fountain with a glass globe in the center can surely seem stunning. In this design the flora hides the fountain’s stone, allowing the foliage and water to connect at the fountain’s surface and combine into an incredible view.

4. Box-shaped Outdoor Water with Rocks and Plants

The problem a lot of people seem to have is waiting for everything to be perfect when they make their big move. Have a box-shaped water vessel installed in a good spot near your garden, and surround this water vessel with plants and rocks. You don’t have to add expensive plants beside the water vessel for the start. Add a few rocks and plants, and if you want more, you can add as much as you want as days go by.

5. Tiered Granite

This design involves you putting together a set of rocks to create a natural spring effect just like the ones you see in the movies. You can make the granite in three tiers, with water flowing from one to the other all the way down into the pond. Surround every tier of the granite with beautiful flowers to create more special effects.

6. Round Fountain with Flamingos

This creative round water fountain with flamingo statues is set against a lush backdrop of ferns and other flora. Even if you don’t want something as large this one, you can create a natural setting with some brass or copper creatures that is both lovely and timeless.

7. Tiered Garden Waterfalls

Tired garden waterfalls are usually a combination of fountains and waterfalls, both of which give you a serene environment, depending on the accompanying plants. Most people usually opt for more than two rock steps with a waterfall that leads right into a big pond. You may not get it all at once, so it’s always advisable to give the plants time to grow into what you want them to be and always ensure you properly look after them.

8. Round Outdoor Fountain and Stones

This concept is for people who want to try something a little old-fashioned. Since old is gold, why don’t you just give it a try anyway? If you’re familiar with fountains, you’ll have a slight idea of what an outdoor fountain with accompanying stones looks like. They are popular around many gardens and theme parks, and recreating that concept in your space is nothing but an exceptional move that will earn you lots of compliments from family and friends. Not just that. You’ll also feel as though you’re closer to nature than you are.

9. Brown Stone Water Fountain with Lily Pads

Having a water fountain on a brownstone is an amazing thing, and we bet that a lot of people will be left in awe of this beautiful and space-saving concept. If you have a small pond to go with it, it’ll be very great. Fountains like this usually need a small pond to make them look more gorgeous. What will make this concept come out the best is if you surround it with lily pads to compliment the already beautiful setting.

10. Halloween Pumpkin Fountain

Being creative means going outside the box to do something that will not only excite you but those around you. If you have kids around, you might just get them excited by making a Halloween pumpkin fountain, which is very beautiful and comes with some sort of a festive feeling. It is a very amazing concept that you’ll grow to love with each day that passes by. It’ll be even more to the kids than you because they have something they can relate to anytime they see it.

11. Rectangular Faucet-run Waterfall with Greenery

How about combining natural elements with some man-made materials? This concept is mostly found in modern homes, so if you’re looking for something age-defining and modern, this is one of the first few options you should have on your list. You’ll need rectangular faucets that are directly connected to the water source in your house. The idea is to have them running all day into a pond surrounded by many green plants that are so refreshing.

12. Rustic Water Fountain in Brick Frame

The thing about owning a water garden is that it can be placed anywhere in your space; the front yard or backyard. Making a water fountain surrounded by uniform bricks and pebbles is also a great water garden concept that has been adopted by many over the years. Since there’s no rule in the book of law clearly stating where a fountain should be placed in your space, the freedom that comes with being creative will allow you to freely express yourself in such a way that will amuse you and others around you. Having this rustic water in brick fame still doesn’t stop you from accompanying it with some nice green plants that will give a different meaning to your environment. The good thing about this concept is that it doesn’t take up a huge space in your yard.

13. Landscape Water with Gazebo

Water is another thing that can help you create as many ideas as you want, with only your imagination being the only thing that can limit you. You can put woods, plants, and stones to good use here by combining them in shades of different colors and textures to make your garden look extraordinary. The idea is to create a small, beautiful pond accompanied by stones and plants on all sides, creating a path that leads all the way to a gazebo. This is a very noticeable concept because it is colorful and will make your garden look as though it’s paradise.

14. Lighted Pond with Crystal Waterfall On A Brick Wall

Having this design in your garden will not only create an amazing view of how beautiful nature is, but also remind you that anything is possible because of how magical it is. The waterfall is made out of a brick wall backdrop, with lights in the basin or pond shining beautifully, reminding you a lot about nature and how beautiful it can be. It is one of the most sought-after designs in the world because of its magical nature, and having it in your space will tell just how magical you are yourself.

15. Traditional Garden with Vases

The best designs don’t always have to be complicated. When creativity is at its best, you might only be required to put a few simple things together to achieve the desired results, and this is one of the simplest designs you can ever think of. It only involves you getting vases and jugs of different designs and sizes, filling them with water, and just placing them in a well-crafted, enclosed pond. Its simplicity is what makes it such a great design.

16. Gold-fish Pond with Plants

This is another simple concept that is loved by many on a global scale. Koi fish is widely regarded in the aqua world, and having it surrounded by green plants and rocks, with a secluded bench from which you can watch the fish in all its shades of glory is an amazing thing. The serene nature of this design makes it a great choice. With each day that passes by, you’ll realize just how peaceful it is to have something like this around your space. If you’re opting for this concept, make sure that the fish is the last thing you add to the setup so you won’t get them unsettled.

17. Simple Pond with Plants and Stones

A rock pond garden with water plants and accompanying stones is another simple yet classy concept that you can adopt in your water garden. The concept involves a pond that is hugely surrounded by stones and plants for a refreshing smell that will make the environment more appealing to you and whoever visits your garden. Plants are the most obvious choice to surround the pond with in this case because not only do they have the look to make the environment more beautiful, but also the smell.

18. Multi-level Water Feature with A Rustic Jar

The jar is a popular garden element that is very versatile and can make any water garden look very beautiful and classy. This concept is one of the most beautiful water garden designs for so many reasons. It brings with it, a sense of traditional touch, which is backed by its natural elements like plants and stones that make up each layer that leads right into the pond. This is such an amazing concept, but it might take a lot of time to achieve.

19. Garden Fountain in Glass Container

When choosing a water garden concept, choosing the one that stands out indeed shows the kind of person that you are. Having a fountain in a glass container will have people wait for a minute and stare at what an amazing concept this is because it is not so common. The fountain in the glass container is tornado-shaped, and you can guess that it has all the right elements of nature, especially when the glass container is placed on pebbles and accompanied by green plants in the surroundings.

20. Water Feature Fountain with Rectangular Steps and Stones

This might be one of the most expensive concepts on this list, but it’s always worth the money, and, of course, the effort. Not everyone is a fan of old-fashioned designs, and if you’re more of the new school, this is the perfect design for you because it’s modern! It is mostly found in contemporary gardens. The rectangle-shaped pond is also accompanied by rectangular steps and stones that give the pond its contemporary and modern look.

21. Lily Pad Pond with a Centered Metal Staircase

Choosing a water garden concept means choosing a concept that best represents the creative in you, and maybe an expression of your personality as well. This concept features a lily pad pond that has a metal staircase right at its center. The metal staircase being the centerpiece makes it more interesting. The good thing about this concept is that you have numerous choices as to what to have in the pond as there is room for a lot of things to fit in.

22. Spurting Face Water and Plants

Adding a feature that can easily be centered around great stories whenever you walk around the water garden with your friends and family is such an amazing thing. It doesn’t matter the size of your garden, what matters most is what you make of it. You can get a feature that has a man’s face bringing water out of his mouth which will lead directly into the pond below with the surrounding plants giving it more natural effects to make the environment serene and beautiful.

23. Peaceful Pond Surrounded by Plants

The simplicity of some water garden designs is what makes them great options, and this concept is one of them. Having this natural pond with surrounding plants that can naturally grow around a pond brings more serenity to you than you can ever imagine.

24. Garden Waterfalls with A Statue

This concept is also great for those who don’t have much room to give to a water garden in the space. There’s something refreshing about waterfalls in a garden or anywhere else. This simple concept features water coming out of carefully structured stones into a circle-shaped pool surrounded by green plants. The statue is placed on the stones from which the water is coming out, and that’s what makes this concept a great one.

25. Watering Can Waterfall Fountain on Staircase

We can’t stress enough how the best concepts don’t have to be complicated, and here’s another perfect example of that claim. It only requires you to be free with how expressive you are with the water garden ideas you are open to. Watering can is another way to make your garden look more beautiful than it has ever been. The good thing about the cans is that they are not outlandishly priced and will still give you the same effect as expensive elements. Carefully place these cans on your staircase and let water flow continuously in them into a pond.

26. Rock Pond with Ornamental Trees

Another beautiful concept for a water garden is to surround a rock pond with ornamental trees. The rock pond features a two-tier waterfall that leads right into the pond, with water-loving plants around, thereby creating a great environment for the plants to thrive. The combination of a pond, rocks, and maple trees is one of the best combination ideas for a water garden.

27. Water Jets with Stones and Flowers

Technology has taken us to a whole new level, and its implementation in the world we live in today has helped us achieve far more than we ever imagined. Spurting jets have worked well in tubs, so why not implement the same concept in a water garden? You can install as many water jets as possible, depending on what you’re trying to achieve. These water jets will spurt water into the pond but in a very special way. The effect will be profound, thanks to the accompanying stones and flowers that give more meaning to the concept and make it more beautiful.

28. Colorful Pond with a Plethora of Plants

In this design, you have a very beautiful concept that offers you all the natural effects you can get from a natural design like this. Regardless of the size of your pond, you can just fill it with as many water plants as possible to create that special effect. Depending on the kind of water plants you choose to opt for, this design is one of the most cost-effective designs you can think of. Its effect on your surroundings will also leave you in awe, as with many that’ll visit you and see your space as some sort of paradise.

29. Natural Garden Stone Pond with Bright Red Flowers

This water garden design is another way to be closer to nature than you’ve ever imagined. Fill the pond with natural stones and bright flowers like water lilies or any other flowers you prefer. The concept is simple, easy to achieve, and you will most likely not break the bank trying to bring this design to life.

30. Japanese Raised Water Fountain with Bamboo Pipes

Asian concepts can never bore you, and that’s a fact! This Japanese garden water design is not like the other one we earlier discussed but they almost have the same effects on human psychology; peace! A Zen garden water feature is made from bamboo pipes and runs through one of those pipes into a pond, making it a bamboo fountain. You can surround it with whatever plants you want around it. It might seem a little complicated at first, but you can bet the process is going to be worth it all in the end.

31. Hillside Pond with Rocks or Plants

Making most of what you have is one of the many things that define you as a creator or shows just how creative you are. If your yard features a natural hillside, the best thing you can do is to create a pond that will have many rocks, or plants, or whatever it is you want around it. You can also create a small seating area to enjoy the serenity that the natural pond produces late in the evening just before sunset.

32. An Outdoor Seating Area with Lily Pond

If your goal is to create a local ecosystem for small animals and insects, then this is one of the best ways to achieve it. Having a lily pond close to a seating area will give you the joy of watching these small animals thrive in an environment where they feel most comfortable. What joy is more than that? The fulfillment that comes from seeing those animals thrive is what makes this design an amazing one, and it is always worthwhile in the end.

33. Watering Can Statue for A Small Water Garden

If you have a small space but you’re still not willing to compromise on the quality of the water garden you have in it, this is one of the best options for you. You can get a watering can statue that also features a couple of relatable pieces like the one in this image. All you need to surround it with are plants that can breathe life into the whole surroundings. Adding mosquitoes repellent plants to the surrounding plants will help curb the growth of mosquitoes around the garden, although mosquitoes are most likely not to grow in moving water that easily.

34. Water Curtain Columns

If you are in need of a bold and elegant water feature for your yard, this is another incredible example which is undoubtedly one of our favorites. The above water curtain columns boast an antique feel to them that contributes significantly to the garden’s ambience. Although this design needs more effort and water than other examples, the end effect is well worth the effort.

35. Small Stone Pond with Entry Bridge and Ornate Railing

This beautiful design may look a tad bit expensive, but it doesn’t have to be if the right elements are put together. This design features a cobblestone path leading over a small pond. On both side of the foot bridge are decorative wrought iron railings that looks really stylish which is an awesome way to welcome your guests. This design is most ideal for a gated home.


35 Inspiring Dry River Bed Landscaping Ideas

When you think of all the things nature can...

35 Inspiring Dry River Bed Landscaping Ideas

When you think of all the things nature can...

35 Inspiring Dry River Bed Landscaping Ideas

When you think of all the things nature can...

35 Inspiring Dry River Bed Landscaping Ideas

When you think of all the things nature can...

35 Inspiring Dry River Bed Landscaping Ideas

When you think of all the things nature can...



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35 Inspiring Dry River Bed Landscaping Ideas

When you think of all the things nature can...

35 Inspiring Dry River Bed Landscaping Ideas

When you think of all the things nature can...

35 Inspiring Dry River Bed Landscaping Ideas

When you think of all the things nature can...

35 Inspiring Dry River Bed Landscaping Ideas

When you think of all the things nature can...

35 Inspiring Dry River Bed Landscaping Ideas

When you think of all the things nature can...

35 Inspiring Dry River Bed Landscaping Ideas

When you think of all the things nature can do or how important it is to every living person, you can’t help but imagine...

35 Inspiring Dry River Bed Landscaping Ideas

When you think of all the things nature can do or how important it is to every living person, you can’t help but imagine...

35 Inspiring Dry River Bed Landscaping Ideas

When you think of all the things nature can do or how important it is to every living person, you can’t help but imagine...